Kota Cotton Saris - A Diaphanous Delight!

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Kota Doria saris are woven in the Kota region of Rajasthan and are known all over the world for its finest open weaving craft. The warp and the weft form fine squared checks called the ‘khats’ running across the entire length of the fabric. More the number of khats, better the quality.

What is the nature of the fabric?

The Kota cotton saris gained quick popularity owing to its diaphanous nature which makes it very light in weight giving an airy comfort when worn. The saris are translucent and therefore, the blouses stitched will require a lining.

What is the weight of the sari?

Kota saris weigh around 260 grams. These light weight saris are exactly what the scorching Indian summers demand!

What is the sari’s height?

The height reference is with an average height woman (5ft 5inches).

Do the Kota saris come with an attached blouse?

All the saris we have in stock now have an attached blouse.

How to take care of your Kota cotton saris?

Washing                                                                                                          Hand-wash them with mild detergents. Schedule an occasional dry cleaning as well. Avoid fabric conditioners that are loaded with chemicals.

While ironing your saris, ensure that the iron is always set to the ‘minimum’ temperature.

Storing                                                                                                                     If you use hangers to store your saris, go for the plastic ones as metal hangers will eventually form rust that may stain your sari.

Do let us know if you find these tips useful and share your own tips and hacks as well!


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