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Neutrals are “off the colour wheel”. They include colours like black, white, grey and tan, to name a few. The right garments in neutral colours add a classic touch to your wardrobe!

Neutral saris are the perfect work wear! They display elegance and sophistication. The biggest perk of neutral shades is that they are inherently flexible.  They tend to go well with most of the blouses in your wardrobe. Have a blouse that you feel is too bright and colourful for work? Mute it down by pairing it with a neutral shade sari! Want to show off that beautiful statement jewellery you own? Neutrals, not being a show–stealer, are again the way to go!

The neutral shade saris at Chaani are handwoven and hand block printed. Here we have put together a few combinations with our saris. Please browse through them and let us know what you think!

Pairing your sari with blouses of bright hues will pack a punch to your overall look.

The neutral shade sari here is paired with a mustard blouse with a thread border. This accessorised with a bold neck piece is what exactly you need to drive away your Monday blues.

If you prefer more of a non-confrontational look, toning down your jewellery would do the trick. Here we have put together two combinations, both of which show a beautiful contrast between the sober neutrals of the sari and striking colour of the blouses. We have accessorised the looks with simple and minimalistic jewellery.

You can never go wrong with the blacks!

All the neutral colours invariably pair up brilliantly with black!

The plain black blouse here contrasts exceptionally well with the hand block printed sari. The bold pendant of the neckpiece uplifts the entire look!

Pairing these saris with silver colour jewellery and blouses of soft neutrals will help you achieve an overall monochromatic look!

Do let us know what you think of these looks in the comments below.

Here’s the link to our latest collection of hand woven saris!



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