7 features of kota cotton sarees from Chaani

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India has many varieties of cotton fabric and each fabric reflects the qualities of a region, its people and the culture. To say that one is better than the other would be doing a disservice to the geographic, environmental and cultural origins of the fabric. The fabrics of India evolved to meet the needs of the people of the region and traditional weavers, experimenting with different types of yarn and the density of yarn in the warp and weft, produce fabrics, each with its own distinct quality.
In this blog, we will provide you with information about kota cotton that will help you make an informed choice so that you may have a product that meets your needs

1. Light weight

Kota sarees weigh around 250 gms. To put it in perspective, they weigh less than two apples. Light weight fabrics do not weigh you down, so you can be comfortable when it is hot.

Kota cotton saree on a weighing scale being compared to the weight of two apples

2. Open Weave

Kota cotton fabric is constructed with an open weave that has fine checks called ‘khats’. Higher the number of khats, finer the fabric. The fine open weave allows more air to pass over your body and lets heat escape. The fabric has been designed to keep you cool in the summer.

Close up view of kota cotton fabric to show the open weave and the chequered pattern

3. Soft

Kota cotton fabric is soft and gentle on the skin. It does not irritate your skin even when you wear it all day.

4. Pure cotton

Our Kota sarees are woven with pure cotton. The fabric does not cling. Unlike synthetic fabrics, cotton is odour-free and is unlikely to cause allergic reactions. Cotton, a natural fibre, is bio-degradable and is naturally sustainable for the environment.

5. Hand block printed

Each of our sarees is hand block printed by crafts persons with decades of experience behind them. Some of our crafts persons have been engaged in this craft for generations. Our sarees are cultural artefacts that have evolved to their present form over hundreds of years. When you wear a kota saree from Chaani, you immerse yourself in a culture & tradition steeped in history that may, one day, become a family heirloom.

Vidyuth Sreenivasan hand block printing a piece of fabric

6. Height & Length

Our kota cotton sarees are 45 inches wide. The photograph of the saree being held against a person who is 5’5” tall. The sarees are 6.20 metres in length which includes a plain blouse. If the blouse is not cut from the saree, you will get more pleats in the front of the saree resulting in a more elegant drape.

Red kota cotton saree held against a person and an inch tape to show the height and width of the sare

7. Diaphanous

Kota cotton is sheer and diaphanous which is an outcome of the open weave and the fine cotton used in the fabric. If you plan to tailor a blouse with this fabric, you will need to provide lining.

Pink kota cotton saree held on the palm of a hand to show the transparent nature of the fabric

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