About Chaani

At Chaani, our journey began in 1984 when Chandra, a pioneering woman entrepreneur, founded a block printing unit on her terrace. Driven by a passion for traditional crafts, she not only supported her family but also ignited a legacy of craftsmanship and sustainability.

 Today, Chaani stands as a testament to our commitment to preserving heritage crafts and empowering artisans. We are a family-run business rooted in the belief that craft is a means to building sustainable livelihoods. Our brand, promoted by Tasara Textiles and Design Studio, collaborates closely with skilled block printers to create uniquely handmade fabrics.

Every item in our collection blends the contemporary with the traditional, reflecting our ethos of timeless elegance and ethical production. By supporting Chaani, you contribute to the livelihoods of block printers in rural India, helping them thrive and preserve their heritage.

The Significance of 'Chaani':

Derived from the Tamil word for cow dung, 'Chaani' encapsulates the enduring spirit and cultural richness of rural India. In my visits to weavers' homes in Tamil Nadu back in 2005, I witnessed firsthand the use of cow dung as cooking fuel, a tradition that persists in both urban and rural households across India. Beyond its practical applications, cow dung holds symbolic importance in Indian culture.

Traditionally, cow dung dissolved in water was used to wash homes, serving as a natural repellent against flies and insects. In the realm of textile crafting, cow dung played a crucial role as a bleaching agent for fabrics before the application of vibrant colors. This age-old technique, rooted in sustainability and resourcefulness, has been passed down through generations of artisans.

Moreover, cow dung represents a source of renewable energy that has sustained communities in India for millennia. Its presence in sacred rituals and holy fires during important Hindu functions further highlights its deep-rooted cultural significance.

At Chaani, we embrace this cultural heritage with pride. Our brand name, 'Chaani,' serves as a tribute to the resilience, creativity, and resourcefulness of Indian artisans. Through our commitment to preserving traditional techniques and sustainable practices, we honor the legacy of 'Chaani' and celebrate its integral role in Indian craftsmanship and culture.


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