About Chaani

In 1984, Chandra started a block printing unit on her terrace to make sarees. This venture helped her raise two children, one of whom decided to follow in his mother's footsteps and set up Chaani with the notion that craft is a means to building sustainable livelihoods. Chaani is currently a family run business which continues on its mission one baby step at a time.

Chaani is a brand promoted by Tasara Textiles and Design Studio. Tasara Textiles and Design Studio works with block printers to create fabric that is uniquely handmade, and blends the contemporary with the traditional in its designs. Every item helps build livelihoods of block printers in rural India.

Chaani is a Tamil word that means cowdung. Several of the craftspersons were using cow dung in their kitchens as fuel when we began working with them. Chaani represents the fuel that lights up their kitchen fires.


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