Daily wear cotton sarees!

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Our daily wear cotton sarees are woven on a power loom and are hand block printed with pigmented dyes. They have a thread woven border that highlights the entire look.

 Effortless Office Elegance: Pink Cotton Saree with Mustard Border. This charming pink cotton saree features subtle check block prints and a contrasting mustard border, creating a simple yet elegant look perfect for the office.ffortless Formality: Off-White Cotton Saree with Blue Accents. This elegant off-white cotton saree features captivating geometric block prints in green and blue, complemented by a simple blue border. The matching blue blouse completes the look for a formal and sophisticated ensemble.

These light weight saris can be draped with ease and will stay put throughout the day, making it a perfect work wear.

 Do the saris have an attached blouse?

These saris come with an attached blouse. Some blouses are plain with the same border as the sari, while the others have simple prints.

 Plain blue blouse included to complete your formal look in this off-white cotton saree. Plain mustard blouse included to complete your polished look in this office wear saree.

What is the nature of the fabric?

The sari is of a soft and supple nature. It is partially translucent and thus, the blouses will have a better look when stitched with a lining.


Some of these saris are woven using a technique called ‘missing weave’, where the weft yarn is found missing at regular intervals.


What is the weight of the sari?

These saris are very light and can be carried with utmost comfort! The saris weigh around 375 grams

What is the height of the sari?

The height reference is with an average height woman (5ft 5inches)

How to take care of your daily wear cottons?

  • Hand-washing the saris in cold water with mild detergents will ensure longevity of your saris! These are some of our favourite laundry detergents.

      1. Godrej Eeze liquid detergent

      2. Genteel liquid detergent

      3. Wipro Safe Wash liquid detergent

  • Using starch is according to your personal preference.
  • We recommend ironing of the sari before wearing it to ensure the perfect drape. However, the iron must be set to the minimum temperature before using it.
  • Store the saris in a cool and dry place with a few mothballs

 Hope you enjoyed this read! Have more questions about the fabric or its maintenance? Any trouble with placing an order or the payment process? Write to us at vidyuth.tasara@gmail.com or drop in a message on Facebook (Chaani) or Instagram (@chaaniattasara)!



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