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Cotton saree indigo printed (IND-62)

Cotton saree indigo printed (IND-62)

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This is a hand woven cotton saree that has been hand block printed and dyed with Indigo. The saree has been woven with 80s count cotton yarn in the warp and weft. It has a simple thread border. 

The saree has been printed and dyed in Rajasthan using a traditional mud-resist printing technique. Mud-resist, called "dabu" is prepared using wheat hust, lime, clay and gum arabic. This paste is block printed on the fabric to create the resist and is allowed to dry. Once dry, the fabric is dipped in vats of indigo to apply the colour. 

While drying, cracks appear in the resist allowing for delightful, patterns when dyed with indigo. These cracks make the outcome of the process unpredictable. It is these cracks that make each saree unique. The patterns that emerge from the cracks in the resist add to the uniqueness and beauty of each saree. 

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