Formal office wear saree (WS-37)

Rs. 2,000.00

Embrace a classic silhouette with a touch of modern flair in this captivating pink cotton saree. The refreshing pink hue instantly brightens your mood, making it a perfect choice for the office or everyday wear where you want to project confidence and a touch of modern edge.

This saree is crafted from breathable cotton, ensuring exceptional comfort throughout your day. The bold blue stripes, block printed across the body, add a touch of graphic interest without compromising the formal feel.

The true statement lies in the contrasting dark blue border. It adds a touch of definition and seriousness, perfect for a work environment. This combination creates a balanced look that's both sophisticated and confident.

The saree comes with a plain pink blouse, allowing you to personalize your look with contrasting jewelry or a statement bag.

Key Features:

  • Material: Breathable, comfortable cotton
  • Color: Pink with a dark blue border
  • Design: Bold blue stripes block printed on the body, contrasting dark blue border
  • Blouse: Plain pink
  • Style: Classic, formal, confident, perfect for office or daily wear

Empower yourself with a touch of modern flair. This captivating pink cotton saree is a timeless piece that combines classic elegance with a touch of contemporary confidence.